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2013 Photo Safari Shootout

Join ASMP-SD on Thursday June 6 as we take to the streets of Old Town for an old favorite - the Photo Safari Shootout! During this time-limited exercise, you get to challenge your creativity and test your photographic eye. And the winner goes home with not only the satisfaction of having risen to the challenge against your peers, but also a CASH prize! The rules are rather simple:

  • At the beginning of the Shootout you will be provided with a super-secret prop.
  • You will have a mere one (1) hour to create an image incorporating that prop. 
  • No Photoshop - you will shoot JPGs and what you create in-camera is what you submit. 
  • The JPGs will be randomly renamed for anonymity and all contestants will vote for favorites from a slideshow of entries.
  • The winner takes home $50 cash and a prize from one of our major sponsors!

ASMP San Diego Photo Safari Shootout June 6 2013

Are YOU up to the challenge?


Sigma lensesSigma Technical Representative Jared Ivy will be on hand to demo Sigma lenses as well as loan out wide-aperture zooms and primes for use during the shoot-out (please let us know if you have a camera other than Canon or Nikon so we can hopefully accommodate).


Sigma manufacturers over 50 high quality, high performance lenses that are compatible with most major manufacturers cameras, as well as flashes and cameras featuring the 46mp Foveon sensor.


This event will be based from Rockin' Baja Lobster in Old Town, 3890 Twiggs St, San Diego, CA 92110. We will meet at 6:30pm to review rules/etc., and will shoot for 1 hour (approximately 7pm-8pm, allowing a little daylight and twilight images). We are keeping the cost minimal to keep the emphasis on the fun, so ticket prices go to cover the use of a private room and appetizers. You are free to order your own dinner or drinks. NOTE: Tickets are only $5 for members and $10 for guests (more at the door), and discounted pre-registration ends at 5pm -- so PLEASE register early so that we can give the restaurant an approximate head count before the day of the event!


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